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Fully Customizable Construction Services

Welcome to Brooklands Construction, London and Kent’s premiere home design and
construction management company. With over a decade of combined industry experience, our team of skilled
labourers are ready and waiting to make your dream home a reality.

Construction Management


Just like our projects, no two clients are alike. At Brooklands Construction, we take great care to ensure our clients have peace of mind throughout the process, starting from when we first meet. We tailor our process to suit your project, whether it be a small renovation or a large new build; whether you’ve been planning for years, or if you don’t know where to start.
We know that every project is unique with its own unique challenges. We guide our clients through every step of preparation, documentation and permits. Transparency is one of our core values and so we’re never shy about communicating honestly and frequently with our clients to address their needs and concerns.

Construction Services


No matter the design challenge, Brooklands Construction can make it a reality! With a long history of building custom, we have always pursued innovation in terms of what is possible in residential construction. You can be rest assured knowing our team of skilled labourers and our network of trusted contractors will build you a home that will stand the test of time. Our attention to detail and experience will assure you’ll feel secure in your home built by Brooklands Construction.

Design Services


For all of us here at Brooklands Construction, building dream homes is our dream job. Ready to build? Speak to us for a free consultation. Our team will help you find stylish solutions perfectly suited to your needs. We empower home owners to think outside the box and we’re confident in our years of experience building innovative and challenging projects. Like a work of art, every custom Brooklands Construction project is an original, a true one-of-a-kind.

Why Brooklands Construction?

When embarking on a new project, it’s important to choose the right builder. Here’s why we’re a leader in building homes in the South East.


With over a decade of combined experience in residential construction, Brooklands Construction has the expert knowledge to make your project run smoothly. Our talented team and network of tradesmen can get the job done right, and for the right price.


We value our clients and providing them only the best in service is our top priority. We believe open and honest communication is key, and our transparent and friendly approach gives our clients peace of mind at every step of their project’s progression.


It’s not just our catchphrase; Brooklands Construction are proud of their projects. For us, every new project is a new opportunity to create something truly beautiful that we can be proud of and that our clients can be proud of for many years to come.

What can Brooklands Construction build for you?
New builds
Loft conversions
Home Refurbishments
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